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Add production

Before you add a production, first check if it really does not already exist in Mica. Use the Production Browser to search for it.
There is only supposed to be one production per movie. If one already exists, use it to make your own release and do not add a duplicate production.

If your movie does not have a production in Mica, you can open the Add Production window from the Add Release window.

There are three places in Mica where you can add a release:

  1. In your dashboard, on the left side there is a green Add Release button
  2. In the Production Browser, that button in in the top right
  3. Inside a production, you can click the Add button in the top right of the Releases section. When you add a release here, the production of the page you are on will be selected, but can be replaced.

In this window there is a green plus symbol on the right end of the search bar. Clicking this opens the Add Production window.

Just fill in the required fields and hit save.