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A production is the detail page of a movie title where different versions and releases can be made per country.
Be aware that productions are shared with all users. Editing details in a production can affect others too. A release is separate per distributor, so these you can edit all you want.

Production Overview

At the top of the page you will find the title, followed by the release date.
Below that there is a place where the poster will be displayed if one has been imported.

Next to the poster is a list of genres, if they have been added to the production.
Underneath are the release date, runtime and, if imported, a synopsis of the movie.

On the right of this there are 2 buttons:

The production references.

Clicking this button lists the production references. This is mainly the MaccsBox code for each release, and reference codes for promotional imports.
Most codes will be added automatically, by adding a release or importing promotional data.

Editing the production

Clicking the edit button opens the Edit production window.
This is just about identical to the first step in the add production window.
It allows you to edit the name, release date, runtime and genres.
Note that the release date here only affects the year listed behind the title. A productions can have multiple releases, so each release will have its own release date.

Here you also find the delete button. In case you have accidentally created a duplicate of a production that already exists.
The delete button can only be used when there are no releases on the production. Even if you have removed yours, if another user had a release on a production, it can not be deleted.


In the section below the overview you have the promotional data of the film.
First, you might see a row of contributors, like directors, writers and actors.
Below this you can add and edit details, posters, backdrops and trailers. You also import all this information from hubs like TMDB.
Most of this info is just for this page. But the poster will also be used in the top right of each booking for this film, and in your dashboard, if it is a current release.
Click here to read more.


Here you can see the versions you have added for this film: The type, dimension, audio- and subtitle languages, sound system, etc
These are the versions that you have available to add to your release(s) of this movie. Click here to read more.


In this section you can see all the releases you have for this production. On the right side is a button that opens the window to add a new release.
Clicking on one of the releases opens the Edit Release window, where you can make changes to your release.