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Table of Contents

Current releases

At the top of the Dashboard are the current releases, here all your films are visible 2 months prior to their release date and 3 months after.

Country tabs

If you have releases in more than one country, you will see these tabs in the top left corner, underneath the top menu buttons.

Only the releases in the selected country will be shown below. The country of the distributor will be selected by default.

Release portraits

Your current releases are shown in portraits. If no promotional data has been added to the production of the release, the portrait shows the title on a lilac background.
If a user did add promotional data to the production, the film's poster will be shown instead.

In the lower right corner of the portrait there is a symbol that represents the presence of a DCP code for the shipping.
If no DCP code is present, the symbol is red and the portrait is slightly faded.
If a DCP is present, the symbol is green and there is no fade.

Only one portrait per release will be shown, these are just examples of the 4 states

When you hover over the portrait, 2 clickable items will appear:


Add Release button

In the top right of the Current Release section there is a green button that allows you to add a new release without going to the productions page

Clicking this button opens the Add Release window.

To the right of the Current Releases you will find the Notifications.
Below you will find the Results and Active Bookings.