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Production browser

The production browser is used to search for titles.

A production is an overview of a movie title of which a different releases can be made per country.

In the search bar you can search by title, distributor and/or genre
Clicking on any of the results will lead you to the detail page of that production


There are 2 modes to search with: Tiles and Table.


Tiles will show you all productions that match the search criteria.
When the only search criteria is your own distributor account, the results are split in Now playing and Upcoming

Now playing will show all your releases with a releasedate within the last 12 weeks. Upcoming will show all your releases with a releasedate in the next 3 months.



The Table will not show all available productions. Instead it will list all productions with a release in your country that match the search criteria.
This way you can easily see if a movie already has a release in your country. This search mode also has a way to search on release date.


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The Add Release button in the top right opens the Add Release window.
If the production that you want to make a release of does not exist yet, you can click the green + icon on the right of the search bar in that window. That opens the Add Production window.