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A release is the distribution of a production in a single country.

In Mica, it is both the list of details and settings related to the bookings of a production in a single country, and the entity under which details of all those bookings can be grouped together.

It has details like the release date, runtime, rating and content warning details.
Every release also has a list of versions of the movie that can be used in the booking process, with possible shipping details for each version.

Add release

There are three places in Mica where you can add a release:

  1. In your dashboard, on the left side there is a green Add Release button
  2. In the Production Browser, that button in in the top right
  3. Inside a production, you can click the Add button in the top right of the Releases section. When you add a release here, the production of the page you are on will be selected, but can be replaced.

Edit release

You can edit an existing release from the Current Releases in your dashboard or from inside the page of a production.


In the Dashboard you can find an overview of your Current Releases, and in the Results you can see the results of the past week per active release.

You can search for Bookings in the Booking Browser based on release, and Invoices in the Invoice Browser based on release.

And in Analytics you can find lots of data per release.