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Promotional data

Promotional data are images and details of a movie that have no significant value for distribution, but help you tell your movies apart and provide flavour.

Contributors, Posters, Backdrops, Name and synopsis in different languages, and links to trailers can all be added to a production. This can be done manually, or it  can be imported through a promotional data provider. Most of the promotional data is only visible in the production's page. Except for the Posters and backdrops, which are used at the top of the Production page, in the Current releases on the dashboard and in bookings.


In the contributors section you can add directors, writers, producers and actors to the production. Click on the Add button on the right and the Add contributor window opens.

  • The Contributor field is a dropdown search window where you can search for contributors.
  • The Type field is a dropdown with the selection of Director, Actor, Producer and Writer
  • The Character field is the only optional field. Here you can add a title like Second Unit director or the name of the character an Actor plays.

This is an example of the Contributors section filed in. Note the Add button in the top right.

The only way to get pictures in the contributor portraits is by importing the data from a provider, see Import promotional data below.


The promotional section is divided in 4 sections:

  1. Details
  2. Posters
  3. Backdrops
  4. Trailers

On the right of these tabs are the flag buttons of the countries for which promotional details are available, next to the import button
Clicking a flag button sets the Details tab to the details that were added for the corresponding language.
Clicking the Import button opens the Import promotional data window. See the bottom section for details.


In this tab you can add or edit localized details per country you release in. You

  • Name
  • Tagline
  • Synopsis
  • Short Synopsis
  • Website


Here you can add a poster that will be displayed in the portrait at the top of the production, in the Current releases on your Dashboard, and in every booking of this production.


Backdrops are used at the top of the production page and in every booking made from their release(s). Here you can add and delete images to be used as backdrops.


Under the tab trailers you can add a url and title of a trailer.
Clicking on an existing entry allows you to edit or delete it.

Import promotional data

Everything mentioned above, with the exception of the contributor pictures, can be added manually. But the more convenient option is to import the data from a provider like TMDB or MovieXchange.
This can import all of it in one go, as long as it's available from the provider. There are some providers that are only available when importing data for a specific country. All countries allow you to search with TMBD.

Clicking the Import button opens the Import promotional data window.

Select your country of choice, this is limited to the countries in your distributor settings, but not to the countries of which you have releases.
Select your provider of choice, and click the blue search button. If there are any results, select the correct one and click Import.

All available promotional data will be imported to the production in one go.