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Release 20 (21st September 2023)


Reinstate the totals feature on the invoice page.

Bulk add payment feature

Sales > Plans – Add Contact filter to Plans page.

Wrong decimal and thousand separator is used for GB numbers.

Improve write-off flow

Add extra details to Allocation modal

Reporting > By Production – Data-table UI

Reports in Dark Mode need a closer look


Payments page should not display totals row if multiple currencies are used

It is possible to remove playweeks that have been exported to MaccsBox

Payment detail, select All button has unpredicted results

Bulk select on invoice page for write-offs not working

Shipping section is enabled when shippings have already been sent

Add booking modal previous btn weird behaviour

Canadian based invoices, write off amount shown in US dollar

Void payment bug

Incorrect Rental Due / Total Amount in Payer Details and Customer Statement

Netflix: Fully paid invoices are included on the Payment Allocation page

By Production – Returns retrieval doesn’t take filters into account

Reports >> Per Release >> filter Version shows when used no turnovers anymore

By production report darkmode styling

Report Receivables and Customer Statement show Invoices which already have been paid

ESC button does not close Notification modal

Planning Page displays incorrect Start / End Date for North American users

Bulk payment model does not show zero s correctly

Add Payment Modal does nt show amount in the event that slider is in usage due to Payername with many characters

Contact drop down in Plans is not sorted alphabetically

Fix calculation of open amount for invoices